Earth Observation as a Service

Titan4 empowers public and private companies to monitor and evaluate their assets and infrastructures from space. We transform complex data into actionable intelligence, driving informed decision-making.

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Our Product

Actionable Insights from Space

Titan4 integrates satellite data with other sensors and information to provide a comprehensive view of the infrastructure health. Our solution enables customers to predict potential failures, mitigate geological hazards and educe maintenance costs effectively.


Data can be processed within a few clicks, Even by non-experts


Fully scalable cloud-based architecture, designed without constraints


Dropping the Insar processing time from days or weeks to hours


Our platform for satellite data processing and delivery is ISO 9001 certified


Enhanced precision through oversampling and data fusion from multiple satellites


Streamlined automation for cost-efficient Earth Observation

Platform Features

Data Processing

Data Processing

We leverage state-of-the-art techniques for advanced satellite data processing.
Data Fusion and Visualization

Data Fusion and Visualization

We use cutting-edge technologies to combine and visualize diverse data sources.
Monitoring and Alarms

Monitoring and Alarms

We employ machine learning for data correlation, algorithm calibration and reliable alarm generation across multiple data sources.

Rich dashboards is what you browse, actionable insights is what you get.

Our rich dashboards empower in-depth analysis, enabling you to extract maximum value from our data. Visualizing vast amounts of data and analytical points directly from your browser enhances your understanding and decision-making process. Our service can be easily accessible through a well-documented REST API, ensuring seamless integration into your workflow. We offer outputs in all standard formats and automatically generate map layers, ready for seamless display in your user interface.

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Data Processing

Precise InSAR Monitoring

InSAR (Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar) is our advanced monitoring solution that leverages satellite data analysis to remotely measure millimeter-scale deformations over days or years. This powerful technique enables us to provide highly accurate insights into the condition of your assets and infrastructures.
Data Fusion and Visualization

Our Technology Platform

Our unique platform combines automatic data processing and data fusion capabilities to design and deliver powerful information services. By leveraging the power of advanced analytics, we help customers optimize maintenance processes, predict incidents and safeguard their critical assets and infrastructures.

Our Impact Across Sectors

Road and Railway

Enhances asset monitoring for railways and roads to ensure ground stability and early anomaly detection.

Energy and Utilities

Enables effective asset management by monitoring power infrastructure, dams and utilities with utmost precision.


Performs thorough risk assessments for insurance and asset evaluation using satellite data insights.

Construction and Real Estate

Conducts comprehensive risk assessments for construction sites and assets to enhance monitoring and property management.


Preserves cultural and historical sites through effective surveillance using satellite data.


Monitors mining operations to evaluate ground stability and detect unexpected behaviors.


Assesses stability and mitigates risks to telecom network integrity through crucial monitoring of infrastructures.

Oil and Gas

Provides comprehensive risk assessment and predictive maintenance management for critical assets in the oil and gas sector.

Water Service

Leverages space data for accurate monitoring in water management strategies across vast areas.

Our Team

Our multi-disciplinary team will follow you throughout the whole process. We have +50 combined years of experience in aerospace, earth observation, computer science and AI.

Our team


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Impact Now Award from LiTA 2020
(Best startup)

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New Space Economy 2021
(Best innovative startup)

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Astronautical Congress - ESA Bic
Startup Pitch Competition, Paris 2022

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