Leverage Satellite Data Processing

Our mission is to provide products and services based on state of art researches combining different satellite data and source for several applications.

Built for everyone

Titan4 is built to make your life easier. Both if you are an InSar expert or you don't have any background, within a few click you will be able to setup your processings.

Designed to be elastic

Our architecture is fully scalable and built in the cloud, we have no limit. Any script or tailored processing step will be plug & play.

Blazing speed

Drop you insar processing time from days or weeks to hours with just few clicks.


Products & Services

Our mission is to provide products and services based on state of art researches combining different satellite data and source for several applications. At the moment we are monitoring via space satellites the structural stability and health of public and private civil infrastructures such as buildings, railways, roads, bridges, dams, pipelines and docks.


Our Technology

Our unique platform with automatic data processing and data fusion capabilities allows us to design and delivery powerful information services that help customers to improve their maintenance process and to predict incidents to their assets and infrastructures.

Specific InSAR Monitoring Solution

SIMS is our monitoring solution based on InSAR. InSAR (Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar) is a powerful technique that can remotely measure millimeter-scale deformations over days or years intervals based on satellite data analysis.


Adhoc Remote Sensing

We design and develop complex systems for remote sensing of ground infrastructures (for civil and military use) through data processing algorithms and a powerful user interface for smart analysis.

Our Approach.

We support the customer in all remote sensing life cycle phases (requirements analysis and definition, design, implementation and validation). Our unique automatic data processing and workflow allow us to provide cost effective solution for a wide range of applications.


Data Processing

We use different techniques for a state of art satellite data processing.

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Data Fusion and Visualization

We combine and visualize different data source using cutting edge technologies.

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Monitoring and Alarms

Machine learning analysis with different data source correlation and algorithm calibration for reliable alarms.

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Rich dashboards allows you to better analyze the results.

Visualizing millions of points and analytical data from the browser will help you to extract the most from our data. The service can also be requested and consumed through a simple and well-documented REST API. We can output our result in all standard formats and automatically generate map layers ready to display in your UI.

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The company's founders and partners form a highly qualified interdisciplinary team. TITAN4 is participating in the ESA Business Incubation Centre Lazio.

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InSAR data analysis & data mining

Geological analysis

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